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Crypto PR Lab was born and launched in summer 2018. Alexandra (Sasha) and Maria (Masha) met at Annual TechCrunch Winter event at Galvanize, a co-working space in San Francisco. They were both working for blockchain startups, Sasha – in marketing and Masha – in PR. Sasha and Masha, both entrepreneurs in heart and in practice, often discussed the gender balance and diversity in tech and especially in crypto space. Why women are not as interested as men to work in blockchain industry and even more reluctant to run their own ventures ?

You walk into a 100-person crypto meetup and almost the entire batch is full of bearded men. You could say it’s not a shocker considering that up to 85% of all startups recently launched in the Blockchain industry are run by men.

To disrupt the trend, Sasha and Masha decided to join their expertise and found Crypto PR Lab. Passionate about emerging technology, they predicted disruption and widespread adoption of new paradigms like AI and blockchain.

Sasha brings in her knowledge of business, her experience in New York in marketing, real estate brokerage and finance combined with her extensive network of UHNWI eager to invest in new projects.

Her unique experiences combined with international expose (travelled to 58 countries) and a go-getter, hard-working personality makes Crypto PR Lab such a success.

Masha is a French attorney and a PR specialist who worked with some of the top American and European blockchain startups at M&A PR Studio, prior to Crypto PR Lab. Former Olympian (2006 Winter Olympic Games), private banker for HNWI in Switzerland and Monaco, right hand of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Masha brings in her solid network of advisors and investors to help Crypto PR Lab’s clients grow.

“In short, Maria (Masha) and Alexandra are on the front lines of what’s happening in the crypto industry on a daily basis”, Katie Elizabeth from Forbes. Jun 26, 2018.

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Integrity. Knowledge. Results.

Our Mission

Keep the clients’ communication strategy on point and resonant with its audience.

Help clients grow their business, and elevate them as thought leaders in the most influential press outlets and events.

Raise brand awareness by creating authentic and provocative story.

Our Values


Integrity is a foundation for our relationships and our work. We are whole, complete and reliable. We are committed to high moral and ethical convictions in all our work. We honor our agreements, do what we say and do the things the way they were designed.


We understand a wide range of blockchain and crypto use cases, including finance, blockchain marketplaces and protocols, digital identity, supply chain, eCommerce, healthcare, gaming and more. We understand key market challenges, the regulatory environment and its associated risks. 


We are committed to delivering quality results with real business impact as quickly as possible. We create together the right communication strategy and secure publications already after a week of working together. Our objective is to spend our and our clients’ time efficiently.

Proactive and Positive

We listen to you, ask smart questions and deliver proactive strategy with a positive attitude.  We don’t wait to be told what to do and take initiative. We strive to make our clients and partners happy in every interaction.


Our small size makes us more adaptable and attentive to each client’s needs than most large agencies. Our extensive partner network allows us to quickly form larger teams as needed. Our track record with global and startup brands has helped us discover valuable patterns and strategies for success. But we don’t take anything for granted. We know each client is unique, and we take pride in listening carefully to each and every client’s needs and challenges. 

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our uniquely talented and passionate team members work alongside our clients every step of the way caring more, communicating more, and delivering more to anticipate and overcome all barriers to success

Interview with Alexandra Karpova & Masha Prusakova